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"This was an invaluable training day - the feedback from staff was overwhelmingly positive and I would recommend this as an essential inset training day for any senior school. Clare's pre-visit to the school, giving all teachers an opportunity to speak to her on a one-to-one basis, meant that she was able to hit the ground running and deliver an engaging and practical training session for a large group that was tailored to the school's needs. Teachers and support staff found the practical tips and role plays really valuable in helping them consider hat it means to be a good listener and communicator; the session was excellent in helping us see situations from parents' (our customers after all) viewpoint and in showing us ways to find mutually agreeable solutions to what could be seen as insurmountable problems"    

                                                                                        Magnus Bashaarat, Headmaster of Bedales School

"Clare's workshop on communicating with parents was both enjoyable and hugely valuable. She demonstrated a real understanding of the pressures facing parents and schools and her advice was straightforward and sensible. Her Ten Step guide should be beside every head's telephone. Her training has helped all staff to develop a constructive dialogue with parents and handle 'tough conversations' with

greater confidence. I would thoroughly recommend her workshop."                        

                                                                                           Rory Johnston,  Headmaster of Hanford School

"Mindful of ever-increasing parental expectations, we were keen to support and empower our staff with training to help deal with parents and the situations that arise on a day-to-day basis.  Clare delivered an excellent half-day workshop preceded by a pre-inset visit, which helped enormously to build rapport between her and the staff and put them at their ease prior to the main event.  The ensuing workshop was suitably relevant as a result, and included a good balance of discussion and role play, encouraging and helping staff to see the benefits of positive and strong relationships with parents.  The 10 Steps guide is a very practical and helpful reminder of how to put techniques and strategies into practice.  We have since asked Clare to run a more focussed training and team-building session for a specific group of staff, which she carried out equally successfully and with plenty of humour."

                                                                                Ben Beardmore-Gray, Headmaster, Moulsford Prep School

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"We have had the privilege of two workshops for staff with Clare in the past 12 months.  The first was how to deal with challenging parents and the second was communication within the school.  On both occasions Clare visited the school beforehand to speak informally with staff which was very helpful for her and appreciated by all of us.  I was so impressed with her incredibly accurate insights and her practical and sensible recommendations. Clare is extremely personable and an excellent communicator and I look forward to welcoming her back in the future.

                                                Stefan Anderson, Principal, Tring Park School for the Performing Arts