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“Clare spent a whole day with our staff. She presented to our teaching staff in the morning and our support staff in the afternoon on “managing challenging parents”. My colleagues greatly appreciated Clare’s clear and pragmatic approach. In addition, they felt that they left her session with techniques and strategies that they would genuinely be able to put into practice. Clare made the session entirely relevant by visiting the school beforehand to interview key members of staff to ascertain their requirements and expectations.”

                                                                                                                 Tim Cook, Former Headmaster, Portland Place School

"A headmaster determined to recognise that parents are customers, asking staff to be ever mindful of this without surrendering their professional integrity. Impossible to reconcile? Not if you listen to Clare Thomas, whose calm delivery of our INSET session on ‘Dealing with parents’, immediately instilled confidence in the most nervous members of staff preparing for the potentially confrontational meeting. Through a combination of lecture, discussion and role play, staff discovered simple and effective techniques to disarm even the most demanding customer/parent. The document “10 Steps in handling a meeting with parents” is now published in our staff handbook."

                                                                            Jonathan Whybrow, Headteacher, Cheltenham College Prep School

"This was an invaluable training day - the feedback from staff was overwhelmingly positive and I would recommend this as an essential inset training day for any senior school. Clare's pre-visit to the school, giving all teachers an opportunity to speak to her on a one-to-one basis, meant that she was able to hit the ground running and deliver an engaging and practical training session for a large group that was tailored to the school's needs. Teachers and support staff found the practical tips and role plays really valuable in helping them consider hat it means to be a good listener and communicator; the session was excellent in helping us see situations from parents' (our customers after all) viewpoint and in showing us ways to find mutually agreeable solutions to what could be seen as insurmountable problems"    

                                                                                                     Magnus Bashaarat, Headmaster of Milton Abbey School


"Thank you so much for an excellent training session this morning that was delivered with confidence, knowledge and empathy to all staff concerned. It was engaging and practical and the pre visit you made to school enabled the morning to be even more relevant to those present. I have no doubt we will all be better, more confident communicators as a result of your input and reassuring facilitation. Please forwards me your Ten Steps guide as I would like to be able to give it to all staff and also include it in my staff handbook."

                                                                                                                    James Thompson, Headmaster, Royal Russell School

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