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Parent Management

Dealing effectively with parents is a vital skill for any education professional. The relationship is a critical one both at individual child level and in the broader sense of school reputation within the community it serves. These relationships can be very stressful for teachers and can have a negative impact on the 'day job' of delivering outstanding teaching.





My workshop will help new and experienced teachers alike deal

with the key questions of parent management,  many of which

will strike a chord...


- How do you deal with a parent who insists that their child

  should be in the 'A' team when they don't enjoy sport?

- What is the best way to handle a parent with unrealistic

  expectations of their child's academic ability?

- How do you manage 'car park' rage successfully?

- How do you explain that the teacher is the best person to

 decide which is the most appropriate maths set for a student?

- What do you say to a parent who thinks they know how to

  run a school because they were once a pupil?

Parent Management Workshop

"Clare’s visit to our school was  both fun-filled and informative. The dread of  ‘yet another inset’ was banished instantly by the thought-provoking activities and fun role play scenarios we were set.  Clare’s professional approach enabled us to talk freely about any issues we had and her excellent preparation meant that we gained advice and guidance relevant to  us. Thank you Clare."


                                                                                                                                                                          Sophie Banks, Head of Pre-Prep, Beachborough School

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