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Education is an increasingly competitive world with the need for clear communication greater than ever. With parental expectations at an all-time high, the most effective teachers require a broader skill set to manage their most important relationships.

With 17 years' experience working in the educational sphere, I am in a strong position to identify the pressing needs of a school and its staff. I deliver a bespoke training package to enable real quantifiable results in a short time scale as well as lasting longer-term development.   

Clare Thomas

Coaching & Communications


                   - Building rapport with parents (workshop)

                     - Dealing with difficult parents (workshop)

                     - One to one coaching for heads and teachers

                     - Cross-school communication audit

                     - Parent management

My experience is such that I can bring the best, most relevant aspects of the corporate world in to education to help teachers and schools get the most from their communication, and in doing so maximise the time they spend doing what they do best ... teaching.

"Having been hugely impressed by a presentation Clare gave to fellow heads on Managing Communication and Difficult Conversations with Parents at a conference I attended, I was keen for my staff to share this.  I knew she would do a great job and I wasn't disappointed. My colleagues were delighted and grateful and many consider it the most valuable Inset training they have received. Clare has that happy knack of striking just the right tone and pace to genuinely engage, inform, instruct, amuse and entertain."        

                                                                          Phillip Evitt, Headmaster, Highfield School

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