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About me

I am a training consultant and coach who has worked with the teaching profession for the last 17 years. During that time I have designed and delivered courses for teachers, enabling me to develop an excellent understanding of their needs. I spent six years as an Operations Director, managing, mentoring and motivating a 300-strong team for a highly-innovative American Educational Travel Company with a teacher client base.

- In-house training focusing on management of client

  expectations and crisis situations.


- A pioneering course, setting industry standards, which

 won an accreditation from Cambridge University

 enabling delegates to gain a Teacher Training Certificate.


- Effective communication INSETS - both Internal and


I have extensive experience of training in multi-

national and multi-cultural environments, including

the UK,  Europe, USA and Central America, with the resulting understanding and sensitivity towards

diverse cultural environments. My approach is based

on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) principals

of training and communication, enabling people to

transform the way they traditionally think and act

and to adopt new successful models of behaviour.

"The training that Clare Thomas gave me when I was one of her big team of on-the-road Europe-wide tour guides was crucial then, and has served me well in my academic career ever since ... Her own professionalism and breezy energy set a gold standard for the hundreds of us she trained."

During the last 8 years, I have developed and delivered;

Dr Caroline Warman,  Fellow Jesus College,  Oxford University

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